ADV-Care Pharmacy & INTEGRIS

At adv-care pharmacy, we are aware that the price and availability of prescription drugs can occasionally disrupt people’s regular routines and put them in unfamiliar situations. Particularly now, when inflation has posed numerous challenges for everyone in society, not just patients. Because of this, we have always worked to create a way for our clients to receive their pharmaceutical services at the best possible price and under the most favorable conditions. This time, by working with “INTEGRIS Personal Pension Plan”, which cares as much about its customers’ lives as we do, we were able to raise the caliber of our services in order to facilitate and reduce the cost of pharmaceutical services.

INTEGRIS has built the best asset protection and tax deferring vehicle in Canada

Save more and pay less tax every year with a Personal Pension Plan.

Your INTEGRIS Personal Pension Plan

The Personal Pension Plan™ (PPP®) is a wealth accumulation and tax savings solution specifically designed for business owners, associations, franchise owners or …

More tax deferring room than any other vehicle

With the INTEGRIS PPP®, you can contribute more towards your retirement than what’s allowed with an RRSP/TFSA or an existing IPP.

Tax-free intergenerational wealth transfer

Potentially pass wealth to your loved ones without triggering taxes on capital gains or probate fees.

Invest in all asset classes

The rules surrounding the investments of pension plans are more liberal and allows for investments in asset classes that aren’t available for an RRSP or TFSA such as land, units of limited partnerships and alternatives to name a few.